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I've been founder and member of de Formule since 2017. Being a part of this ensemble has allowed me to experiment, discover, and learn about so many aspects of having a musical career. I learned I love creating conceptual concerts and collaborating with artists from other fields: it expands and deepens my interpretation of a work of music, and gives me a new and fresh perspective. I'm also learning what it means to be an ensemble behind the scenes; from working with festivals and going from friends to colleagues to acquiring an ANBI status (which means people can donate money to our foundation tax-free). Most of all, it is a place where, together with artists I admire, we can build our own micro world where we are free to play, discover, and fail as much as we wish. 

Ensemble de Formule was initially created by Coraline, Rogier, Rik, Michiel, and Laura in 2017 with the wish to discover and play the piano quintet repertoire, but their curiosity turned out to become our true identity. 
Their courage and experimental nature resonates in their performances, where they present a strong interpretation combined with influences of other art forms such as theatre, dance, and text. 
Ensemble Formule are prize winners of ‘De Grote Kamermuziek Prijs 2018’ and have collaborated with choreographer and dancer Samir Calixto, director Kenza Koutchoukali, the European Chamber Music Academy, Korzo, Harmos Festival Porto, and Holland Festival.
They are Ensemble in Residence at Festival Classique since 2019, where they have presented a new performance at every edition. 
In 2021 we said goodbye to Coraline and Michiel, and welcomed Sofie to our ensemble, turning a new page for the ensemble and becoming a piano quartet.

We will present our new performance on the 11th of June 2022 @ 
Festival Classique 

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