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Chamber music + friends = guaranteed fun. Because of the nature of my work, I meet many fantastic musicians. Sometimes, there's an undeniable connection that keeps bringing us back together. With the Elif Quartet we might not see each other that often, but making music together with Hugo, Klara and Alexandre is always the highlight of my year. We met at the Mahler Academy, a festival I love and have been attending for three years in a row. Speaking of festivals, I LOVE FESTIVALS.
I love meeting new people, the non-stop playing and listening to music, the live performances, the electricity that seems to hang in the air, the long nights and good conversations, and discovering new music. I. Just. Love. It. 

  • Recipient of Villa Musica Stipend, a prestigious chamber music academy based in Germany since 2021

  • Coming up: 
    Balthasar Neumann Academy in Fontainebleau - March 2022
    O/Modernt Stockholm Festival - June 2022
    Festival Classique - June 2022

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